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SOC @ Conferences

  • SOC at Princeton Center for Theoretical Science Workshop, “Understanding the Most Energetic Cosmic Accelerators: Advances in Theory & Simulation” , Princeton University, USA (28-30/10/2020)
  • SOC at  43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, “Probing Energy Extraction From Supermassive Black Holes”, Sydney, Australia (Virtual)
  • SOC of special session on “Jets and Jets and Disk-Winds Across Cosmic Scales” @ EWASS 2019, Lyon, France (24-28/06/2019):
  • SOC at eXtreme19 conference, Padova, Italy (22-25/01/2019):
  • SOC of special session on “Jets in the era of multi-messenger astronomy” @ EWASS 2018, Liverpool, UK (3-6/04/2018):

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Notes on ssh keys

Every time that I have to set up  ssh keys for accessing a remote server I realize that I have almost forgotten all the complications that I encountered along the way.  Finally, I kept some notes about setting up ssh keys (for Ubuntu/Linux users). These will definitely prove useful for me in the future!

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